Our mission is to improve the lives of the dentists, parents and patients with whom we work. Bay Area IV Wisdom is focused on the early removal of third molars with IV sedation. Dr. Wayland has removed more than 40,000 impacted third molars, including germectomies, with IV sedation. As dentists, we see many teens who benefit greatly from the early removal of third molars. Complications are reduced and patient referrals increased. Every patient is called and texted after surgery. Our patients have little or no memory of the procedure.


Third molar patients can be divided into two groups:

  • Patients who have third molar pain
  • Patients without third molar pain

The first group is usually in extreme pain from pericoronitis. They want to be seen today. Their third molar roots are fully developed, and the painful tooth is partially erupted. Surgical complications increase in this group due to fully developed roots and dense bone. The second group is usually unaware that third molars are present. Their third molar roots are not fully developed. Research shows that surgical complications increase after age 25.

Early Third Molar Removal Before Root Development (Age 14-25)

Full Root Development and Dense Bone (Age 5+)

Surgical results should be predictable. Early third molar removal with IV sedation, before the third molar roots are fully developed, reduces stress and surgical complications.


Early Third Molar Removal — Original Live Patient Course

Come learn from Dr. John Wayland how to surgically remove impacted third molars over a period of three days. Watch Dr. Wayland demonstrate on individuals either directly or on a high-resolution digital monitor before assisting in the procedure to gain more hands-on experience. Our small class group of six individuals per course ensures that you receive one-on-one guidance and direction from our instructor during each demonstration, assisting with eight bony impactions and removing eight bony impactions. We encourage you to register for your limited spot so that you can gain the knowledge to help your patients who have impacted teeth.

IV Sedation

In our affordable IV sedation course, we teach dentists how to administer moderate IV sedation through titration. We start with the simple venipuncture technique on mannequins to build confidence before practicing on patients. We use classical moderate IV sedation drugs that are safe and used in most hospitals. As always, our priority is the safety of your patients since patient selection is critical when sedating them. (We only recommend administering moderate IV sedation to ASA I and II patients, and we suggest that ASA III patients be referred to an anesthesiologist or treated in your office with an anesthesiologist present.)


Daniela Chobor, DDS

The HOE course is led by a supremely informed, skilled, practical, and enthusiastic group of doctors. My yearly pilgrimage planning has begun. Thank you!

Emerson Lake, DDS

Very beneficial for any general dentist who’s interested in becoming quick and efficient with 3rd’s. I would highly recommend this course.

Daniel Eaddy, DDS

I appreciate the systematic protocol for removal of impactions and, of course, the hands-on nature of the course. I really liked the perspective of multiple instructors.

Thomas Ludlow, DDS

Excellent course! I really felt the Entire Team was focused on helping us improve our skills. A very open / great teaching environment.